Hailey Verbonac

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2021)

    Hailey Verbonac is a Red River Métis lighting designer, who occasionally works in production management. He was born and raised in Inuvik, NWT, on Inuvialuit and Gwich’in land. He hopes to be able to bring his own experiences and Indigeneity into his work to help support storytellers of all kinds. As well, he hopes to help and encourage the current state of technical theatre and design to evolve into a space that allows for more Indigenous and otherwise marginalized creators to thrive.

    At the the National Theatre School, Hailey has had the incredible privilege to be taught by and work with Andrea Lundy, Andy Moro, Leigh Ann Vardy, Michelle Ramsay, Jason Hand and Dave Surette, among others.

    Aside from theatre, Hailey is also a visual artist who works primarily in ink and watercolour.