Jena McLean

    Playwriting (2021)

    Jena McLean is a Queer playwright with roots in New Brunswick and Alberta. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Drama studies from Mount Allison University.

    Her plays include: An Ocean of Evergreens (digital reading with Theatre New Brunswick, direction by Yvette Nolan, 2020), Missing Her Mother, A Canyon Contained (reading with Notable Acts Theatre Festival, 2019), The Freeze-Dried Groom, Paradoxes (commissioned and produced by Mount Allison University, 2017), and I Am (produced by Notable Acts Theatre Festival, 2015). At NTS, Jena is currently developing Until Tenth Grade (reading with Geordie Theatre, 2021) and Bonus Points if You Have Air Conditioning (NTS’s New Words Festival, direction by Andrew Kushnir, 2021).

    Through working with theatre artists such as Andrea Romaldi, Erin Shields and Nick Carpenter, Jena has been empowered to find her own voice as a playwright. Her work is focused on exploring life’s grey areas, personalizing the political, as well as allowing people to feel seen in theatre. She is driven to create work that is rich with complex roles for Queer folks and young women alike.

    Phone Number: (506) 261-8763