Tiffany Ledesma

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2021)

    Tiffany Ledesma is a multidisciplinary theatre artist whose primary interests are in Technical Direction and Production Management. Although she has predominantly focused on production management, she remains open, willing, and engaged in being introduced to unique work experiences with evolving technology and design.

    Holding a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Stage and Screen from Queen’s University, Tiffany has a working knowledge of both film and theatre, with a desire to be involved and learn in areas of opera, circus, and dance. Through her career, she hopes to be a part of teams who tell compelling stories, intertwining entertainment with passion and heart. As she progresses, she would like to gain support and mentorship opportunities with other women of colour who are working or want to work in the production side of the live entertainment industry.

    Tiffany would like to thank her mentors Andrea Lundy, Shanna Miller, Kathryn Westoll, Terri Gillis, Dean Fleming, Rob Denton, Guillaume Simard, and Jason Hand for aiding in shaping and strengthening her technical and artistic ability.

    Highlighted Experiences

    School: Technical Director (including Assistant TD, and coach), Production Manager/Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Head of Sound, Head of Video)

    Professional: Head Technician of Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Stage Technician at the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, Head Electrician at the Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University

    Related Skills & Certifications: Fall Arrest Training, Standard First Aid CPR C & AED, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, ETC Programming, QLab, Live sound mixing, Isadora, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Microsoft Office Suite