Jawon Kang

    Scénographie - Set and Costume Design (2020)

    Jawon is a set and costume designer from Toronto, Ontario. With a keen interest in understanding the human mind through literature and philosophy, Jawon has found her passion in theatre where all her interests collide, and she can create a unique world within each story. Jawon believes that empathy and compassion are the keys to helping humanity and oneself. Every time she encounters a new play, she is thrilled by the challenge of bringing out a highly poetic yet compassionate story.

    While at school, Jawon has had the privilege of collaborating with directors Alisa Palmer and Krista Jackson and trained under Stéphane Longpré, Jill Thomson, Danièle Lévesque, Josée Bergeron-Proulx, Patrice Charbonneau and Jessica Poirier-Chang.

    Jawon loves theatre because it helps her to grow with each story. The classes with artist François Vincent and director Micheline Chevrier have been a great inspiration and have taught her to be a sharp observer, view the world with a generous mind and have a strong determination as an artist.

    Portfolio: http://jawonkang.myportfolio.com
    Email: jawonkang10@gmail.com