Christian Horoszczak

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2020)

    Christian Horoszczak is a multidisciplinary designer with a predominant focus in lighting design for theatre, dance, and opera. A graduate of Queen’s University, Christian’s work is rooted in a dramaturgical approach to scenography to create a unified language through visual storytelling.

    Before NTS, he completed a practicum at the Banff Centre, which introduced him to the worlds of opera and dance. There he had the privilege of working in a design capacity on the development of new work with Martha Burns, Chris Abraham, and Joel Ivany.

    While at NTS, Christian has trained under the guidance of professional artists such as Simon Rossiter, Michelle Ramsay, Leigh Ann Vardy, Jason Hand, Cameron Davis, Alex Williams, and Andrea Lundy. He is grateful for their generosity and support.

    Inspired by such companies as Rimini Protokoll and Mammalian Diving Reflex, Christian is interested in creating contemporary work that explores our socially diverse world through intercultural collaboration. By highlighting and breaking down the real and perceived differences between us, we get closer to understanding the universal experience of what it means to be alive today.

    Contact info: | 416-624-7276