Patrick Fitzsimmons

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2020)

    Patrick Fitzsimmons has been working in theatre and event production since 2007, in jobs ranging from Technical Director of the Ignite! Festival presented by Sage Theatre, to cleaning up blood after Ground Zero Theatre’s Evil Dead: The Musical. A technician through and through, Patrick excels in work with theatrical systems – lighting, video, sound – and NTS has expanded and deepened his dedication to those disciplines. His experience at NTS has furthered his skills in, and appreciation of, many different aspects of theatrical production. Patrick has been truly privileged to work with such excellent peers at NTS and is eager to relaunch his career with renewed passion in the pursuit of the biggest, the best, the newest, and the most compassionate projects this industry has to offer, wherever they may be found.

    Factual Info: trained in CPR/First Aid and Fall Arrest Protection; proficiency in Microsoft Office, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Lightwright, Pro Tools, QLab, ETC lighting systems, and Isadora; basic proficiency in most sound, lighting, and video systems.

    Contact: I 438-503-5494