Sophie Dubé

    Acting (2019)

    Sophie Dubé is an actor, musician, and theatre collaborator. Born in Ottawa, she was raised in Dubai. While in the Middle East, she was immersed in a completely new culture. Because of this, she developed a sense of gratitude for all stories.

    Her experience as an actor has consisted of contemporary plays, the classics, devised theatre and musical theatre. In her work, Sophie believes in a deep awareness and true commitment to every moment, whether on stage or in the audience. She is passionate about the use of language and poetry. Aside from acting, she is very enthusiastic about dogs, especially labradors.

    During her time at NTS, she has had many mentors such as Brenda Bazinet (Naturalism Scene Study), Jackie Maxwell (Chekhov Scene Study), Ian Watson (Shakespeare Unit), David Latham (Neutral and Expressive Mask and Macbeth) and Philip Akin (7 Stories), among many others. In addition to her studies at NTS, Sophie has also been a part of the Queens of Drama Festival at the Junction Theatre in Dubai.

    Related Skills: guitar, piano, and harmonica; Irish, contemporary and jazz dance training; training in unarmed, rapier, and dagger combat. Accents: American South, RP, Cockney, Australian.
    Height: 5’7 | Vocal Range: Soprano | Hair Color: Dark Blonde | Eye Color: Green