Photo(s): Maxime Côté

Adam Walters

Production Design & Technical Arts (2018)
Language(s) : English, French

2018TBANew Words Festival - TBAAlice AbracenHarrison Thomas / Judy Wensel
2018Sound DesignerNew Words Festival - TBALiam SalmonHarrison Thomas / Judy Wensel
2018TD / PM / Set DesignerCloud 9Caryl ChurchillAlisa Palmer
2017Head CarpenterThe RoverAphra BehnTadeusz Bradecki
2017Lighting DesignerThe Observed Flight of BirdsChristian Barry and Anthony Black, with the EnsembleChristian Barry and Anthony Black
2017Head of VideoNew Words Festival ─ These Peaceable KingdomsChelsea WoolleyAndrea Donaldson
2017Head of VideoNew Words Festival ─ we could be cloudsGary MokNigel Shawn Williams
2017Co-CreatorCentral Project - Lawrence and HollomanMorris PanychArianna Bardesono
2017Sound DesignerHot Fudge, Three More Sleepless Nights and Ding Dong The WickedCaryl ChurchillAlisa Palmer
2016Sound EngineerThe Laramie ProjectMoisés KaufmanDjanet Sears
2016ATDMuch AdoPhilip McKee and the Acting class of 2017Philip McKee
2016CrewNew Words Festival – VacuumRachel GanzCarly Chamberlain
2016CrewNew Words Festival – The Listening RoomMichaela JefferyTanya Rintoul
2016ASMHamletWilliam ShakespeareAlisa Palmer
2015ASMHappy DaysSamuel BeckettCarly Chamberlain
2015CrewGruesome Playground InjuriesRajiv JosephTanya Rintoul
2015CrewTotal LiquidationJordan Tannahill with the EnsembleJordan Tannahill
Under the direction of Andrea Lundy
Theatre Technology : Richard Bélanger, Mark Bye, David Alexandre Chabot, David Jodoin Lighting Design and Technology : David Alexandre Chabot, Jason Hand, Kaileigh Krysztofiak, Andrea Lundy, Michelle Ramsay, Leigh Ann Vardy Projection Design and Technology : Cameron Davis, Thierry Francis, Alex Williams Sound Design and Technology : Jesse Ash, John Gzowski, Richard Feren, Thomas Ryder Payne, Troy Slocum, Matthew Waddell Production Management : Andrea Lundy, Peter Roberts Stage Management : Shauna Janssen, Marcie Januska, Sarah-Marie Langlois, Arwen Macdonnell, Alison Peddie, Maria Popoff, Rick Rinder, Melanie St. Jacques, Kathryn Westoll Technical Direction : Terri Gillis, Mitch Jamieson, David Jodoin, Craig Putt, Robert Rombough, Dave Surette Directing : Arianna Bardesono, Diana Fajrajsi Carpentry and Welding : Guillaume Simard CADD and Vectorworks : David Alexandre Chabot, Kaileigh Krysztofiak, Luc Prairie Health and Safety : Janet Sellery Costume Design : Jill Thomson Scenic Design : Chris Brown, Amy Keith Rigging and Electrics : Paul Court, Hervé Landreville Life Drawing : Catherine Farish Theatre History : Leah Jane Esau, Peter Roberts, Susan Williams Theatre Administration : Rick Banville, Pat Bradley, Shauna Janssen, Jeanne LeSage, Kathryn Westoll, Matt White Text Analysis : Arianna Bardesono, Nick Carpenter, Leah Jane Esau, Wolfgang Noethlichs Music : Douglas Price Combat : Anita Nittoly, John Stead Project Coaches : Audrey-Anne Bouchard, Mark Bye, David Alexandre Chabot, Crystal Laffoley
2017Camelot - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2017Much Ado About Nothing - Technical Director, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2016Balconville - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2016Wizard Of OZ - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2015Robin Hood - Lighting Designer, Hudson, Quebec, Canada
2014Puss in Boots - Lighting Designer, Hudson, Quebec, Canada
2013Skin Of Our Teeth - Sound Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
20131984 - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2013Lysistrata - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2012Cinderella - Lighting Designer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2012Alice in Wonderland - Lighting Designer, Hudson, Quebec, Canada
2010-2013Professional Theatre and Design, John Abbott College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
My interests include Lighting, Sound and Video Design for not only Theatrical performances but Movies, Art installations and others.
Welding, Carpentry, Console Operation, Drafting (AutoCAD, Vectorworks)