Photo(s): Maxime Côté

Harrison Thomas

Directing (2018)

Of Wolves [2] - Director - Apr.-May, 2018, 7 actors
Playwright: Liam Salmon, Mentor: Andrea Donaldson, Actors: Graduating 2018
Stapled [1] - Director - Mar. 2018, 7 Actors
Playwright: Alice Abracen, Actors: graduating class of 2018
Threepenny Opera [2] - Assistant Director - Feb.-March 2018, 14 actors
Playwright(s): Bertholt Brecht, Kurt Weill, Élizabeth Hauptmann, Translator: Simon Stephens, Actors: Graduating 2018, Director: Eda Holmes
Kiss of the Spider Woman [2] - Director - Nov.-Dec, 2017, 2 Actors
Playwright: Manuel Puig, Translator: Allan Baker, Actors: Victor Trelles, Robert Persichini, Mentor: Alisa Palmer
Wagons of Cotton [1] - Apr.-May 2017, 3 actors
Playwright: Tennessee Williams, Actors: Kendall Savage, Victor Trelles, Brett Watson, Mentor: Micheline Chevrier
Zig Zig Zig (Three Caryl Churchill Shorts) [1] - Assistant Director - Feb.-Mar. 2017, 14 Actors
Playwright: Caryl Churchill, Actors: graduating class of 2018, Director: Alisa Palmer
Baal [1] - Director - Dec 2016, 3 actors
Adaptor: Harrison Thomas (from the text by Bertholt Brecht), Actors: Harrison Thomas, Judy Wensel, Mentor
Under the direction of Alisa Palmer
A Director Prepares : Brendan Healy Scenography : Julie Fox and James Lavoie Costume : Francois St-Aubin Lighting : David-Alexandre Chabot Sound : Pietro Cerone Text Analysis and Text in Context : Sarah Elkashef Devised Theatre and Adaptation : Nadia Ross Quebec Theatre Scene : Arianna Bardesono Movement : Zach Fraser and Rebecca Harper Stage Management : Melanie St-Jacques Producing : Naomi Campbell Social Design : Michael Wheeler and Sarah Garton Stanley European Plays : Jonathan Garfinkel Art History : Leopold Plotek Poetics : Brian Drader Great Ideas of the 20th Century : Michael Mackenzie Performing Images : Clea Minaker
2018Acrobatics of the Heart Grotowski Intensive, Plainsfield, Mass., U.S.A.
2012Intermediate Actor Combatant, Fight Directors Canada, Toronto, On.
2010-2012Performance Acting, Ryerson University, Toronto, On.
2018 (upcoming)Slaughter Brothers Dime Circus - Director-Playwright: Sean Sullivan,Company: Baby Monster Theatre,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2016CHANGELING: A Grand Guignol for a Murderous Time - Director-Playwright: Julian Munds (from Middleton and Rowley), Company: Desiderata Theatre Co. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2015The Castle - Assistant Director-Playwright: Howard Barker Director: Dean Ganourie, Company: Storefront Theatre,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2015Lot and his God - Director-Playwright: Howard Barker,Company: Desiderata Theatre Co, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2015The Prince of Homburg - Assistant Director-Playwright: Heinrich Von Kliest, Director: James Kudelka, Company: Talk Is Free Theatre, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
2014Midsummer Nightmare - Director-Playwright: William Shakespeare (adapted by Harrison Thomas) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2014Hedda Gabler - Director-Playwright: Henrik Ibsen, Company: Desiderata Theatre Co, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2014The Deliverence of Juliet and her Romeo - Director-Playwright: William Shakespeare (adapted by Harrison Thomas), Leroy Street Theatre,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2014The Taming of the Shrew - Assistant Director-Playwright: William Shakespeare, Director: Tyrone Savage, Company: Storefront Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2014The last of Romeo and Juliet - Assistant Director- Playwright: William Shakespeare (adapted by Mitchell Cushman), Director: Mitchell Cushman,Company: Talk Is Free Theatre, Barrie, Ontario
2013The Merchant of Venice - Director-Playwright: William Shakespeare, Company: The Edge Productions, Windsor, Ontario
2010Four Tennesse Williams Shorts - Director-Playwright: Tennessee Williams, Company: Peacock Feather Productions, Stratford, Ontario
2018 (upcoming)Blood from a Stone #2: Durational Solo Performance, Montreal, Quebec
2017The Gift of Unproductive Time: Ritual/Installation Event created with Judy Wensel under the guidance of Michael Wheeler and Sarah Garton Stanley, National Theatre School, Montreal, Quebec
2017Puppet Flesh: Movement Based Performance with Stefne Mercedes, Montreal Quebec
2013-2016Founding Artistic Director of Desiderata Theatre Co.
2012-presentCore member of The Clinic, a Music and Video art collective, Toronto, Ontario
Dramaturgy, Acting, Movement (mime, Grotowski technique), Sculpture, Installation, Live Art