Photo(s): Maxime Côté

Gabriel Richardson

Acting (2018)
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 200 lbs
Vocal Range: Tenor
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

2018ThomasWhat Rough BeastAlice AbracenJudy Wensel
2018VixenThe Threepenny OperaBertolt Brecht and Kurt WeillEda Holmes
2017BelvileThe RoverAphra BehnTadeusz Bradecki
2017RobinThe Observed Flight of BirdsChristian Barry and Anthony Black with the EnsembleChristian Barry and Anthony Black
2017DemetriusA Midsummer Night’s DreamWilliam ShakespeareDavid Latham
2016Charles CourtlyShaw Period Study - London AssuranceDion BoucicaultGraeme Somerville / Marla McLean
2016AstrovChekhov Play Study - Uncle VanyaAnton Chekhov (Adapted - Annie Baker)Jackie Maxwell
2016RJNaturalism & Canadian Play Study - Suburban MotelGeorge F. WalkerBrenda Bazinet
2015EtienneScene Study - The Coronation VoyageMichel Marc Bouchard, tr. Linda GaboriauMartha Burns and JoJo Rideout
2015Sir AndrewShakespeare Scene Study - Twelfth NightWilliam ShakespeareIan Watson
Under the direction of Alisa Palmer
Acting : Tadeusz Bradecki, Martha Burns, Eda Holmes, David Latham, Jackie Maxwell, Alisa Palmer Classical Text / Shakespeare : David Latham, Ian Watson Contemporary Monologue : Fiona Byrne, Diana Donnelly Devised Creation : Christian Barry, Anthony Black Film : Martha Burns, Jared Lorenz, Cassandra Nicolaou Voice / Speech : Jane Gooderham, JoJo Rideout, Laurel Thomson Dialect Coach : Jane Gooderham Voice-Over : Marcel Jeannin Choir / Music Theory : Douglas Price Solo Theatre Song : Douglas Price, Jay Turvey Alexander Technique : Kelly McEvenue Stage Combat : Anita Nittoly, John Stead Neutral Mask and Expressive Mask : David Latham Improvisation : Mike Hughes Jeu : Adam Lazarus Movement : Rebecca Harper 20th Century Dance : Jocelyn Coutu Contemporary Dance Forms : Andrew Giday New Play Development : Brian Drader, Andrea Romaldi Solo Piece : Ann-Marie MacDonald, Rose Plotek Theatre History : Susan Williams
2014-2015Citadel Theatre Young Company training program, Edmonton, AB
2012-2018Rapid Fire Theatre Improvisor - Current ensemble member, Artistic Directors: Amy Shostak (2012-2016) Matt Shurman (2016-2018)
2017Everyone We Know Will Be There - Role: Alex Cambell, Directed by Andrew Ritchie, Written by Elena Belyea, Edmonton, Calgary, AB
2017Kitsault the Musical (Workshop) - Created by Doug Price and Carl Pucl
2016Everyone We Know Will Be There - (workshop) - Role: Alex Cambell, Directed by Andrew Ritchie, Written by Elena Belyea, Edmonton, AB
2015Angels in America pt.1 Millenium Approaches - Role: Prior Walter, Directed by Nick Eaton, Edmonton, AB
2015Dogfight - Role: Boland, Directed by Linette Smith, Edmonton, AB
Soccer, Combat (Hand-to-Hand, Sword, Dagger, Rapier), Driver's Licence (Class 5 Manuel), Singing, Improvisation