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Alice Abracen

Playwriting (2018)

What Rough Beast-New Words Festival [2018] - 90 Minutes, 7 actors (4M-3F)
Dramaturgy by Nick Carpenter Synopsis : A family in crisis. A campus divided. When a controversial speaker is invited to speak at a progressive college, the students fracture into factions. The debates grow more heated, the rhetoric more vicious– until a shocking act of violence changes everything.
Untitled Theatre for Young Audiences Play [2018] - 30 Minutes, 3 actors (2F-1M)
Dramaturgy by Dean Patrick Fleming Synopsis : Olivia, Julian and Sarah have been inseparable all through high school. Then the morning after prom, Sarah accuses Julian of sexual assault. Sarah and Julian both want Olivia’s support– but how can Olivia choose between her two best friends?
The Covenant [2017] - 85 Minutes, 5 actors (3M-2F)
Dramaturgy by Sarah Elkashef Synopsis : Peter and Hilde made a vow: to change the system, to challenge tyranny, to heal the world. Hilde the Doctor believes in God. Peter the Politician doesn’t. No matter: her people will be his people, and his cause will be her cause. Hilde and Peter are going to save lives. But as the world falls apart, their vows, their faith, and their love are put to a terrible test.
Stapled [2017] - 20 Minutes, 5-7 actors
Dramaturgy by Jonathan Garfinkel, Directed by Harrison Thomas Synopsis : There’s a Mouth in the Sky. It’s thirsty. Stapled figures dot the landscape. They’re bleeding. Water wells at their feet. It’s rising. What would you do to survive the flood?
Patrick's Trick Translation Project [2017]
Dramaturgy by Frank Weigand, Collaboration with NTS Playwrights Synopsis : Patrick learns something about his unborn brother and embarks upon a journey of discovery. Translated from the original German play Patrick's Trick by Kristo Sagor. A collaboration between the first and second year students of the NTS Écriture Dramatique department and the second and third year students of the NTS playwriting program.
Avocado Mars [2017]
Composition and Dramaturgy by Doug Price, Collaboration with NTS Playwrights Synopsis : Winners of a snack-food contest set course for Mars- only to discover, to their delight, that the planet is an avocado! As they snack on Mars, little do they know a plot for profit is afoot that threatens to devour everything in its path...
Good News [2016] - 80 Minutes, 5 actors (3M-2F)
Dramaturgy by Nick Carpenter Synopsis : A gospel in rhyme. Four high school students miraculously survived the flood that claimed so many lives. Rumors abound as to how, but the truth remains elusive… until now. Today, the students will share their secret. You are among the chosen few. Will you hear their good news?
The Tour [2016] - 70 Minutes, 2 actors (1M-1F)
Dramaturgy by Brian Drader Synopsis : A pilgrim and a tour guide visit ruins in the desert. Both are armed with their share of secrets. Over the horizon, an army approaches.
Omission [2015] - 90 Minutes, 5 actors (3M-2F)
Mentored by Sam Marks Synopsis : The popular, ambitious favorite for the papal throne is visited by a journalist on the eve of Conclave– she claims to hold a secret which could destroy him. She begins to question him about the happenings of thirty years ago, and when he turns the recorder off, the most spectacular confession emerges.
Guesthouse [2014] - 60 Minutes, 5-7 actors (2/3 M, 2/4F)
Created in Sam Marks's Advanced Playwriting Class Synopsis : Linda loves her home– after years of hardship, she’s earned it. Then a young man appears on her doorstep, claiming the house is his. He says that his family was forced out– and insists they’re coming back. Linda’s husband is sympathetic, her daughter is curious, and they welcome the stranger in. But Linda is going to protect what’s hers– at any cost.
Players [2013] - 115 Minutes, 8 actors (4M-4F)
Created in Liz Duffy Adams's Introduction to Playwriting Class Synopsis : A director attempts to reunite his fractured theatre company years after a violent conflict tore them apart. Can harmony on the stage create peace beyond the theatre doors or are the players in blood stepped in too far?
Rapsodies [2011] - 30 Minutes, 1 actor (F)
Synopsis : The world is spiraling apart. She feels the slowing of a heart. Alone in her grandmother's hospital room, The paper open to devils, dictators and doom– She seeks inspiration, finds only devastation– Some hope may yet emerge from the gloom.
Under the direction of Brian Drader and Andrea Romaldi
Dramaturgy : Nick Carpenter, Brian Drader, Sarah Elkashef, Dean Fleming, Writing Workshops : Jonathan Garfinkel, Iris Turcott Play Factory Director : Sarah Elkashef Playlabs : Brian Drader Writing for Television : Bobby Theodore Translation Project : Frank Weigand, Kristo Sagor Writing For Video Games : Jill Murray, Tanya Short Theatre for Young Audiences : Dean Patrick Fleming 15 Minute Play Project : Jonathan Garfinkel, Harrison Thomas Musical Theatre Workshop : Doug Price Poetics : Brian Drader The Business of Playwriting : Andrea Romaldi Adaptation : Nick Carpenter Canadian Plays and Playwrights : Erin Shields European Plays and Playwrights : Jonathan Garfinkel Writing For The Digital Age : Ivana Shein Alternative Narrative : Sarah Elkashef Immersive Multi-Medial Workshop : Amy Chartrand, Moment Factory Theatre History : Susan Williams Altered Truths : Maureen Labonté Great Ideas : Michael Mackenzie Neutral Mask : David Latham Jeu : Adam Lazarus Movement : Zach Fraser, Rebecca Harper Guest Seminars & Resident Playwrights : Nicolas Billon, Robert Chafe, Anna Chatterton, Beth Graham, Joseph Jomo Pierre, Colleen Murphy, Hannah Moscovitch, Jordan Tannahill Other : Banff Playwrights Lab
2015Production Dramaturgy with Ryan McKittrick, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States
2014Advanced Playwriting with Sam Marks, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States
2013Directing with Marcus Stern, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States
2013Introduction to Playwriting with Liz Duffy Adams, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States
2011Creative Writing Workshop with Louise Arsenault, Dawson College, Montreal, QC
2018The Tour - Directed by Lelaina Vogel, Underlings Theatre Co., Boston, MA, United States
2018Omission - Women Playwrights International Conference, Santiago, Chile
2018Omission - Alumnae Theatre 100th Anniversary Season, Directed by Anne Harper, Toronto, ON
2017The Guest - Montreal Fringe Festival, Directed by Ann Lambert, Montreal, QC
2016Omission - Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival, Directed by Michela Sisti, Toronto, ON
2015Players - Women Playwrights International Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
2014Players - Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Directed by Lelaina Vogel, Cambridge, MA, United States
2014Guesthouse - Harvard Playwright's Festival, Cambridge, MA, United States
2011Rapsodies - Montreal Fringe Festival, Montreal, QC
2017Casting Assistant, Kenyon Wells Casting Agency, Montreal, QC
2017Young Jewish Leaders of Montreal Delegate to Nairobi, Kenya
2016-2017Research Fellow & Guide, Museum of Jewish Montreal, Montreal, QC
2014-2015Harvard Tour Guide, Trademark Tours, Cambridge, MA, United States
2014Campaigns Research Associate, Citizens for Global Solutions, Washington, D.C., United States
David McCord Prize for Talent in Literary, Dramatic or Visual Arts, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States (2015)
Lee Patrick Award in Drama, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, United States (2015)
Quebec Finalist for Rhodes Scholarship, Montreal, QC (2015)
Artist Development Fellow, Harvard Office for the Arts, 2015 (2015)
Dramaturgy, Directing, Acting, Lyrics, Breakdown Writing, Public Speaking, Tour Guiding, Research, Rap, Religious Studies