Photo(s): Maxime Côté

Daniel Bennett

Production (2017)

2017Lighting DesignerNew Words Festival ─ These Peaceable KingdomsChelsea WoolleyAndrea Donaldson
2017Lighting DesignerNew Words Festival ─ we could be cloudsGary MokNigel Shawn Williams
2017Technical DirectorExit the King & LearEugene Ionesco / Young Jean LeeBrendan Healy
2016Production Management and Technical Direction InternYoung People's TheatreSupervisor: Rick Banville and Alexis Buset
2016Composer / Sound DesignerMuch AdoPhilip McKee and the Acting class of 2017Philip McKee
2016Head of SoundNew Words Festival – VacuumRachel GanzCarly Chamberlain
2016Head of SoundNew Words Festival – The Listening RoomMichaela JefferyTanya Rintoul
2016Head CarpenterHamletWilliam ShakespeareAlisa Palmer
2016Head Electrician, Co-Creator, Co-ManagerCentral Project - The OgrelingSuzanne Lebeau, tr. Shelley TeppermanArianna Bardesono
2015Stage ManagerHappy DaysSamuel BeckettCarly Chamberlain
2015Production InternBuddies in Bad Times TheatreSupervisor: Charissa Wilcox
2015Asst. Stage ManagerNew Words Festival – CleaveElena BelyeaAndrea Donaldson
2015StagehandThe Caucasian Chalk CircleBertolt BrechtMicheline Chevrier
2014Fly ManThe LiarCarlo Goldoni, tr. Grace Lovat FraserTadeusz Bradecki
2014CrewScorchedWajdi Mouawad, tr. Linda GaboriauDjanet Sears
Under the direction of Andrea Lundy
Lighting Design and Technology : Mark Bye, David Alexandre Chabot, Jason Hand, Kaileigh Krysztofiak, Andrea Lundy, Luc Prairie, Leigh Ann Vardy Projection Design and Technology : Cameron Davis, Thierry Francis, Alex Williams Sound Design and Technology : Jesse Ash, Matthew Waddell Production Management : Andrea Lundy, Peter Roberts Stage Management : Shauna Janssen, Sarah-Marie Langlois, Kira Maros, Maria Popoff, Melanie St. Jacques, Kathryn Westoll Technical Direction : Alexis Buset, Mitch Jamieson, Craig Putt, Dave Surette Directing : Arianna Bardesono Carpentry and Welding : Guillaume Simard, Christian Larochelle CADD and Vectorworks : David Alexandre Chabot, Luc Prairie Health and Safety : Janet Sellery Costume Design : Jill Thomson Scenic Design : Chris Brown, Amy Keith Rigging and Electrics : Paul Court, Hervé Landreville Life Drawing : Catherine Farish Theatre History : Leah Jane Esau, Peter Roberts, Susan Williams Theatre Administration : Rick Banville, Pat Bradley, Shauna Janssen, Kathryn Westoll, Matt White Text Analysis : Nick Carpenter, Leah Jane Esau, Diana Fajrajsl, Wolfgang Noethlichs Project Coaches : Mark Bye, David Alexandre Chabot, Crystal Laffoley Theatre Technology : Richard Bélanger, Mark Bye, David Alexandre Chabot, David Jodoin
2016Extremeophiles - Production Manager. SummerWorks Performance Festival, Toronto, ON.
2016Plucked - Sound Designer/Stage Manager. SummerWorks Performance Festival, Toronto, ON.
2016Live/Rest - Sound Designer/Stage Manager/Co-Producer. Toronto, ON.
2015/2016The Toronto Fringe Festival - Visual Fringe Coordinator. Toronto, ON.
2015/2016Director's Lab North - Stage Manager. Toronto, ON.
2015/2016Buddies in Bad Times - Technician
2015The Hum - Stage Manager/Animations - Toronto, ON
2015Theatre Gargantua - Producing Intern
2013Squat: A Super Secret Back-Alley Musical - Production Manager / Technical Director / Producer / Choreographer. The Toronto Fringe Festival - BYOV
2012The Normal Heart - Intern Director - Studio 180 and Buddies in Bad Times
2012Spring Awakening - Director / Choreographer
2011RENT - Director / Choreogrpaher
2014-2017Fall Arrest and Fall Protection
2014-2017First Aid + CPR
2008-2012Bachelor of Science. Neuroscience and Psychology. Trinity College at the University of Toronto.
Tosho Cutting Edge Award. The Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto, ON. (2013)
Crystal Pair Award. Trinity College, Toronto, ON. (2012)
The William and Nona Heaslip Scholorship. Trinity College, Toronto, ON. (2010-2012)
Sound Design, Production Management, Lighting Design
Microsoft Office, QLab, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Lightwright, Ableton Live, Grant Writing, Ontario Driver's Licence, Grade 10 piano - Royal Conservatory of Music, Figure Skating