Pen Tsin

    Set and Costume Design - Scénographie (2024)

    Pen Tsin is a non-binary, queer, multidisciplinary designer from Montreal, Quebec.

    Driven by a need to have more representation onstage, Pen’s work is deeply rooted in bringing personal, political stories to light. They have a unique passion for all things costume design with specialization in blurring preconceived ideas of gender, for both cis and queer audiences. Their work is known for breaking down boundaries, the use of unconventional materials and designing classic stories which tell a modern message.

    Graduated from John Abbott College Professional Theatre Design program in 2021, where they learned the impact of political theatre during the worldwide pandemic.

    Their time at the National Theatre School allowed them to deepen their proficiency in costume but also harbour love for scenographie. Their set designs are operatic works of living art and their love for puppetry allows the props to almost breathe on their own.

    Upon graduation, Pen is motivated to design for all disciplines of live performance.

    Select skills: Sewing, maquette/model building, Photoshop, Procreate, AutoCAD, SketchUp, MicroSoft Office

    Languages: English & French


    Instagram: @pen.tsin