Andrea McMillan

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2024)

    Andrea McMillan has always loved the raw, emotional reactions brought on by a good story – the rush of excitement within a hero’s adventure arc in a video game; the wave of comfort when a family finally reunites at the end of a long TV series; or the jaw dropping, shock paralysis from the twist of a really weird movie. It’s this romance of the human experience that drives her own immersion within the world of storytellers.

    Rediscovering her passion for theatre in her mid-twenties, Andrea has since developed her creative sensibilities and technical prowess within the Production Design and Technical Arts programs at both the National Theatre School (NTS) and John Abbott College. Coupled with her compassionate nature, organizational skills, bold conceptual ideas, and a keen sense of timing, she has proven her versatility within the roles of Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Lighting Programmer, and Stage Technician. She thrives in the supporting roles that help a production evolve from the ground up, though holds a special love for the discoveries made in the rehearsal hall and any opportunity to breathe with a show.

    Andrea’s time at NTS has allowed her to collaborate with directors such as Mike Payette, Alisa Palmer, Chelsea Dab Hilke, Rose Plotek, and Ruth Madoc-Jones. She has also received guidance from incredible mentors such as Sarah-Marie Langlois, Katherine Westoll, Neha Ross, Amelia Scott, Leigh Ann Vardy, Michelle Ramsey and Andrea Lundy. Outside of NTS, she’s also had the pleasure of working with directors Dean Patrick Fleming, Chris McHarge, Murdoch Schon, Tracy Leigh Campbell, Robert Burns and Andy Cuk, as well as props maker Patrice Jacques and lighting/set designer Peter Vatsis.

    Select Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Lighting Design and Programming (ETC Eos, Vectorworks, Lightwright), Audio Programming and Editing (Qlab, Reaper), Video Programming and Editing (Qlab, Isadora, Photoshop, Premiere Pro), Set and Props (AutoCAD, scenic carpentry, foam & clay sculpting, casting).

    Home Base: Montreal (but ready to fly to follow stories!)