Danik McAfee

    Directing (2024)

    Danik McAfee, an Algonquin Métis and French-Canadian director, singer, and actor, is dedicated to producing theatre performances that challenge contemporary norms surrounding identity in our society. As a queer two-spirited artist, Danik strives to lead with inclusivity, amplifying diverse voices that contribute to the rich tapestry of Canadian identity.
    Danik's work offers a strong aesthetic point of view, orchestrating theatrical, musical, and image-based elements. With a foundation in musical theatre and a penchant for dramatic flair, they create vibrant and visually compelling narrative realms. They are acutely sensitive to every aspect of production, creating rich, multifaceted theatrical experiences.

    Over the course of their two-years of study in the National Theatre School’s (NTS) Directing Program, Danik received mentorship from directors including Jillian Keiley, Micheline Chevrier, Eda Holmes, Jessica Carmicheal, Rodrigo Beilfuss, Rose Plotek and Anita Rochon.
    Prior to their time at NTS, Danik received two diplomas in Musical Theatre Performance from College Lionel Groulx and Randolph College of the Performing Arts. Over the course of a twelve-year career performing nationally, Danik began developing their directing practice under the guidance of mentors such as Mary Francis Moore, Bruce Dow, and Matt Murray.

    Instagram: @danikmcafee Contact: danikmcafee@hotmail.fr