Matthew Lawler

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2024)

    Matthew Lawler, a versatile Production Designer, Programmer, and Technical Director in theatre and music, seamlessly merges creativity with technical expertise. Inspired by the energetic styles of concert design, Matt infuses his work with a rebellious spirit and dynamic flair. As a skilled lighting designer and audio engineer, he not only translates artistic visions but also bridges the raw authenticity of concert design with the emotional depth of theatrical storytelling. Matthew's versatility enables him to streamline the production process, ensuring a smooth execution of his creative vision. With his artistic eye and technical finesse, Matthew creates a captivating artistic journey where boundaries between concert design and theatre dissolve.

    Matthew’s time at National Theatre School has allowed him to collaborate with directors such as Ruth Madoc-Jones, Maiko Yamamoto, and Conor Wylie. He has also learned design under Leigh Ann Vardy, Tim Rodrigues, Cameron Davis and Bianca Bernier. Matthew has a DEC from John Abbott College in Professional Theatre - Specialization in Technical design and management.

    Skills: Lighting design and programming (Grand MA 2/3, ETC Eos), Vectorworks, audio engineering and design (X/M32, Yamaha Q/CL, Allen and Heath SQ series) Qlab, Isadora, scenic carpentry and rigging. Bilingual (English and French).