Saffiya Kherraji

    Set and Costume Design - Scénographie (2024)

    Saffiya Kherraji is a process-driven creator defined by curiosity and a passion for experimentation and exploration. She thrives in collaborative settings where ideas and perspectives are challenged. While at the National Theatre School, she became interested in the relationship between performance and audience for works in more intimate spaces (set for 365 Days/365 Plays, costumes for Directors’ Projects, and sets for the New Words Festival). Excited by light and video explorations and designing concert stages (Show de Chant spring 2023 and autumn 2023), Saffiya discovered a love for the interplay of space and light, and the integration of lighting and projection into her set designs.

    Saffiya has had the privilege of collaborating with and being mentored by theater practitioners such as Rose Plotek, Micheline Chevrier, Linda Brunelle, Pierre-Étienne Locas, James Lavoie, Loïc Lacroix-Hoy, Louise Jobin, Stéphanie Jasmin, and Michael Slack.

    Select skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketchup and Rhino (technical drawings and 3D modeling), rendering, and digital fabrication