Olaoluwa Fayokun

    Acting (2024)

    Olaoluwa Fayokun, also known as Lu, is a Nigerian-Canadian artist, born in Nigeria and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the son of immigrant parents, his conventional journey toward a law degree took an unexpected turn when he discovered the stage in 2016. Since then, Lu’s artistry has found itself driven by play and the need for connection through storytelling.

    During his time at National Theatre School of Canada (NTS), Lu received training in classical/contemporary text, developed his actor/artist’s process, acquired several technical stage skills, and most of all cultivated a deeper sense of identity. He has been greatly impacted by the many renowned artists he's had the opportunity to work closely with, including Jackie Maxwell, Jessica B. Hill, Rebecca Northan, Tim Welham, Harveen Sandhu, Nancy Benjamin, Anita Nittoly, Jonathan Patterson, Graeme Somerville and Marla McLean. Prior to NTS, Lu had the pleasure of working with other well-known artists including Cherissa Richards and Kimberley Rampersad.

    Some of his most recent credits include Orlando in As You Like It directed by Haysam Kadri, Nick in _Antigonick _directed by Ruth Madoc-Jones, and Macduff in _Macbeth _directed by Matjash Mrozewski.

    Lu seeks to work and train internationally as an artist, expand into writing and directing for the stage and screen, and branch out into other performance mediums (mo-cap, voiceover, etc). At his core, Lu desires to create and help tell stories that are situated at the intersection of family, religion, and identity.

    Height: 5’9" Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Vocal Range: Tenor Union: ACTRA Contact Information: O.fayokun@yahoo.co