Nora Barker

    Acting (2024)

    Nora Barker is a Mi'kmaw & settler artist from Qapskuk, Ktaqmkuk (Grand Falls - Windsor, NL).

    Nora has a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, with a double major in English & Anthropology.

    Prior to training at the National Theatre School (NTS), Nora worked as a producer, director, musician & actor with many NL companies including TODOS Productions, RCAT, TNL, Lawnya Vawnya, and White Rooster Theatre.

    While training at NTS, Nora had the opportunity to work with many esteemed artists including Jackie Maxwell, Jessica B. Hill, Tim Welham, Rebecca Harper, Jonathan Patterson, Haysam Kadri, Rebecca Northan, Ruth Madoc-Jones, Nancy Benjamin, and Anita Nittoly.

    Nora cannot wait to get to work on indigenizing our arts spaces beyond land acknowledgements. Nora is passionate about creating space for our youth, artists in rural communities, and artists with families. Artists have always been disruptors of the status quo, and Nora is excited to find her place in the disruption.