Mackenzie Wojcik

    Acting (2023)

    Mackenzie Wojcik is an actor and musician from treaty one (Winnipeg, MB).

    From a young age, Mackenzie has been drawn to the stage, having performed on professional stages since the age of eight. His lifelong passion for the theatre has been expanded through his training at the National Theatre School of Canada, from which he graduated in May 2023.

    There, he has had the opportunity to work with a multitude of impressive artists and bring to life many roles; roles which have deepened his understanding of the work, and have allowed him to venture from epic to classical to contemporary and everywhere in between.

    He is excited by important new work, by breathing new life into the classics, by trying as many new things as possible. He is excited by community, by stories, by affect, by effect, by poets, by sonnets, by laughter, by love.