Isabella Robert

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2023)

    As a theatre artist, Isabella looks forward to pushing the envelope and making theatre more accessible through their livestream and sound designs. They also look forward to effecting change through their management advocating for healthy working hours and safe spaces wherever they go. Having worked with artists such as Jessica Carmichael, Brian Kenny, Rick Banville, Crystal Laffoley and Deanna Choi, Isabella values collaboration and communication.

    While at NTS, Isabella has worked on Middletown (Stage Manager), Metamorphoses (Production Manager), the New Words Festival (Sound Designer), and Maybe Not Tomorrow (Video + Livestream Design), as well as other management and head of department positions.

    Related skills: QLab, OBS, Vectorworks, Isadora, Logic Pro X, Mac Office Suite, Studio 6, Procreate, DaVinci Resolve, Propared, Teams, Acting (3 years), Stage Combat + Sword fighting (2 years)
    IG @isabellanrobert