Eric Miracle

    Acting (2023)

    Eric Miracle is a second-generation Haitian multi-disciplinary artist specializing in acting, dance and creation-based work who was born in Delray Beach, Florida and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Eric is committed to expanding the scope of stories being presented on stage and in film to include historically marginalized voices by bringing his identity and heritage into every project he takes on.

    Throughout his training at the National Theatre School of Canada, he has had the opportunity to work with incredible artist-mentors who have helped shape the artist he is today: Rebecca Harper, Quincy Armorer, Jonathan Patterson, Tim Welham, Jackie Maxwell, Fiona Byrne, Anita Nittoly, Jessica B. Hill and Alisa Palmer, to name a few.

    Some notable roles while training at NTS include Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night directed by Danielle Irvine and Ceyx in Metamorphoses directed by Eda Holmes.

    Upon graduation, Eric is excited for the new opportunities that will present themselves in the years to come. When not immersed in theatre, you can catch Eric busting a groove the best you’ve ever seen. A miraculous one.