Fernando Maya Meneses

    Set and Costume Design - Scénographie (2023)

    Fernando Maya is an accomplished Mexican set and costume designer with a background in architecture, which gives him a great understanding of space and a keen eye for details. With his experience and passion for craftsmanship, Fernando's design work reflects a perfect blend of technical skill and artistic vision.

    During his three years at the National Theatre School, he honed his craft alongside renowned professionals such as Jill Thomson, James Lavoie, Michael Gianfrancesco, Angela Rassenti, Michael Slack, and François Vincent.

    Noteworthy productions during his time at NTS include Twelfth Night directed by Daniel Irvine (Costumes), Metamorphoses directed by Eda Holmes (Costumes), and the New Words Festival (Sets) directed by Rose Plotek and Jonathan Seinen.

    Fernando's expertise in technical drafting, 3D modelling, and rendering enables him to convey his artistic vision with exceptional precision. He also takes great pride in his hands-on work, expertly wielding tools and techniques to bring his designs to life.