Jasmine Case

    Acting (2023)

    Jasmine Case is a Caribbean-Canadian creator and actor who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She has always had a love for theatre and has been immersed in it from a young age.

    Jasmine is a recent graduate from Brock University and the Dramatic Arts Program with a concentration in performance, where she worked with Marcel Stewart and Lisa Karen Cox in her final year. While attending Brock, Jasmine had the opportunity to participate in a course at the Shaw Festival, where she worked with Barbara Worthy and chatted with a number of artists including the Artistic Director, Tim Carroll.

    While studying at NTS she has worked with several of Canada’s top theatre artists who aided her in becoming the artist she is today. These include Jackie Maxwell, Brian Dooley, Eda Holmes, Rebecca Harper, Tim Welham, Jessica B. Hill, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Graeme Somerville, Danielle Irvine, Alisa Palmer, Jessica Carmichael, Christine Quintana and Jivesh Parasram.

    In addition to acting, Jasmine has a very strong background in Stage Combat. She recently took on the position of fight captain in Metamorphoses directed by Eda Holmes and Rebecca Harper, a show that was incredibly movement and fight based. She worked under the guidance of Anita Nittoly, to create intense fights safely. Jasmine has shown immense skill in hand-to-hand combat as well as rapier, dagger, rope, and cape combat. She also participated in a workshop led by stage combat professional and instructor John Stead.

    Jasmine is intrigued by roles that challenge her, as well as roles in which she can grow as an artist and as a human. She is excited by the world of theatre, specifically collaborative rooms where all voices are heard and all opinions are respected and valued.