Charlotte Baker

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2023)

    Charlotte is a fun-loving theatre artist with a heart for people and a drive to make theatre that leaves an impact. Her passion for telling stories comes to life through her work as a designer, specializing in projection and video with an interest in sound and lighting. Her leadership is also seen through her competency in technical direction, as the TD for the NTS 2023 New Words Festival.

    Charlotte also holds a Bachelor's of Global Business and Digital Arts from the University of Waterloo, where she developed her expertise in graphic design, animation and video creation.

    Her time at NTS has allowed her to collaborate with directors including Jessica Carmichael and Eda Holmes, and have incredible mentors including Paul Chambers, Amelia Scott, Richard Feren, Cam Davis, Andrea Lundy, Lee Tucker and Troy Solcom. She has also assisted Haui Davis at Stratford Festival Theatre.

    Select Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Isadora, QLab, Microsoft Office, Vectorworks, Lightwright, ETC Eos Software, Photon & Albion
    Instagram Portfolio: @charlottebackstage