Wei Qing Tan

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2022)

    Wei Qing is a theatre artist who is deeply invested in creating and fostering spaces that allow for artists to thrive. She builds this into her practice as a stage manager and production manager. She also hopes to continue to grow in the various facets of theatre production such as technical direction and design.

    Wei Qing is interested in working with teams that invest in their communities and she looks forward to diving into the industry to discover those spaces. She is extremely motivated by being able to improve on her practice and strives to be a resourceful and enriching collaborator.

    At NTS, she’s worked on the New Words Festival (Lighting Designer), Cabaret (Stage Manager), Venus (Production Manager), An Irresistible Urge to do Something Inadvisable (Stage Manager) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (Production Manager and Technical Director). She has also worked as Head of Department for all technical design elements.

    Related skills: Fall protection training, proficiency in Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, QLab, and Isadora; and comfortable with Lightwright, Vectorworks and ETC Ion Programming.
    Email: weiqingt@outlook.com