Claire Macaulay

    Set and Costume Design - Scénographie (2022)

    Claire Macaulay is an interdisciplinary designer based in Montreal. She began her career as a graphic designer but the desire to work with tangible materials in the 3rd dimension took over. After completing her undergrad at Concordia University specialising in Communication Studies with a focus in Intermedia, Claire worked as a graphic designer for four years before joining the Set and Costume Design – Scénographie program at the National Theatre School.

    As a designer, Claire is interested in exploring immersive design. She is motivated to create lasting impact generated by powerful content and thoughtful design choices, with all five senses in mind. Her visual language stems from a blend of graphic, architectural and historical influences. During her training at NTS, she worked with notable directors such as Matjash Mrozewski and Jani Lauzon. She also had the opportunity to study under Stéphane Longpré, Micheline Chevrier, François Vincent and Anne-Marie Matteau.

    Claire is interested in working in experiential design, collaborating with exhibition, theatre and event companies.

    Her skills include (but are not limited to) set and props design, exhibition design, scenic painting, drawing, painting and graphic design. She is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and SketchUp and has experience working with HTML and CSS.

    Instagram design account: @clairemacaulaydesign