Drew Lyall

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2022)

    Drew Lyall is a theatre practitioner from Kimberley, British Columbia. During his time at NTS, Drew enjoyed developing skills in production management, lighting design, technical direction, and sound design. He is honoured to have had the great privilege of learning from Andrea Lundy, Lee Tucker, Leigh Ann Vardy, Chris Brown, Rick Banville, Marjorie Lefebvre, Daniel Bennett, Rob Denton, Guillaume Simard, Debashis Sinha and many more.

    Drew is passionate about designing and supporting stories that open minds to new perspectives, amplify voices that haven’t been heard and bring wonder and joy. He is pursuing opportunities to cultivate this through production management and lighting design.

    Drew is a compassionate collaborator and believes that the people you work with are just as important as the work that you do. He is proficient working in Vectorworks, Lightwright, ETC EOS, QLAB, Logic Pro, and Microsoft Office among others. He has a strong understanding of sound engineering, scenic carpentry, and appreciates beautifully crafted paperwork.

    In his free time Drew enjoys building, riding, repairing, and falling off bicycles.

    Contact | drew.w.lyall@gmail.com