Marshall Kidd

    Production Design & Technical Arts (2022)

    Marshall Kidd is a theatre practitioner specializing in technical direction and production management. He is driven to tell compelling stories that foster the growth of Canadian theatre, with collaboration, diversity, inclusivity and fun as his core values. Marshall aspires to be a leader in the next generation of theatre artists across Canada and internationally and is eager to work on innovative and inspiring pieces.

    He is grateful for the invaluable learning opportunities provided by his mentors at the NTS: Kathryn Westoll, Cameron Davis, Leigh Ann Vardy, Debashis Sinha, Rick Banville, Craig Putt, Guillaume Simard and Andrea Lundy.

    Notable recent productions include Cabaret (Technical Director), New Words Festival (Technical Director), Creation Project (Production Manager), and Das Rheingold (Artistic Liaison, Tirol, Austria).

    Select skills include: English and French bilingualism; proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word, Vectorworks and AutoCAD, Isadora, QLab, Adobe Suite and ETC EOS programming; creating and communicating 3D models and plans; First Aid + CPR/AED and Fall Arrest training. Also holds a valid driver’s licence.

    Phone: 506.721.3241 Email: