Kira Chisholm

    Acting (2022)

    Kira Chisholm is a New Brunswick-born actor, dancer, singer and theatre creator who was raised in Fredericton. She came to the theatre through classical ballet where she spent her formative years nurturing a strong work ethic and a love for music, movement and creative expression.

    She holds a BA Honours in English Literature and Political Science from St. Thomas University, where she discovered a passion for rich language, complex arguments and perplexing questions. Kira’s delight in the intersection of politics, philosophy, language and drama serves as the foundation of her embodied artistic practice. She is passionate about classical and contemporary work that challenges the mind, heart and body.

    At NTS, Kira has had the great pleasure of learning from some of Canada’s top theatre practitioners such as Jani Lauzon (Creation Project), Rebecca Harper (Movement and Neutral/Expressive Mask), Tim Welham (Shakespeare), Marla McLean and Graeme Sommerville (Shaw), Zach Fraser (Improvisation), Brenda Bazinet (Canadian Scene Study), Jackie Maxwell (Chekhov) and Anita Nittoly (Stage Combat).

    She’s been so thrilled to stretch herself in NTS productions playing roles like Puck in A Midsummer Nights Dream (dir. Danielle Irvine), and The Brother/The Mother-Showman/The Grade-School Chum in Susan-Lori ParksVenus (dir. Mike Payette).

    Kira is hungry for big questions and big challenges. She is passionate about placing generosity, collaboration and compassion at the centre of her work. As an artist, Kira means to enter every room with intensity, abundant curiosity and an unapologetic sense of adventure and play.