Michael Bell

    Acting (2020)

    Michael Bell is an actor from North Saanich, British Columbia, Douglas Treaty territory. According to Article 26 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the land he was born and raised on rightfully belongs to the WSÁNEĆ and Lekwungen Nations.

    Michael feels impelled to engage in work that challenges the assumed structures of society.

    Growing up in a white settler family, he was inspired by the classic male-dominated tales of fantasy, bravery and adventure. Though Michael can never forget the awe he felt when he first saw films like Henry V or Lawrence of Arabia, the veracity of their stories has changed to reveal more complicated truths.

    It is in these places of profound transformation that Michael’s curiosity is ignited.

    While at the National Theatre School, Michael worked with many inspiring instructors and artists including Rebecca Harper (Movement, Expressive Mask), Laurel Thompson and Jo Jo Rideout (Voice), Douglas Price (Solo and Choral Singing), Ian Watson (Shakespeare), David Latham (Neutral Mask), Graeme Somerville (Shaw Scene Study), Jackie Maxwell (Chekhov Scene Study), Brenda Bazinet (Naturalism Scene Study), Anita Nittoly and John Stead (Stage Combat), as well as Quincy Armorer, Fiona Byrne, Arianna Bardesono, Deborah Hay, Zach Fraser, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Adam Lazarus and Jay Turvey.

    Productions at NTS include Love and Information (dir. Alisa Palmer), Romeo and Juliet (dir. Danielle Irvine) and Burning Vision (dir. Mike Payette).

    Related Skills: Stage Combat: unarmed, rapier, case, rapier and dagger Accents: Scots, RP and Irish

    Height: 5’11’’ Vocal range: Baritone Hair colour: Light brown Eye colour: Blue