Kajsa Wood

    Acting (2019)

    Kajsa Wood is an actor, creator, mover/shaker, and singer. She was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Kajsa hopes to follow in the footsteps of many inspiring artists before her who asked big questions and always sought to challenge the status quo. Her work aspires to be connected, vital and honest. As Georgia O’ Keefe said, “Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see.”

    During her training at NTS, Kajsa has worked with a myriad of artists such as Ian Watson, David Latham, Jackie Maxwell, Philip Akin, Adam Lazarus, and Alisa Palmer.

    In 2018 at NTS, she worked on Cloud 9 (Betty), Macbeth (Malcolm), and 7 Stories (Leonard) with Philip Akin. In 2019, she worked on Serious Money (Jacinta Condor) with Lezlie Wade and Nothing but Flowers (The Inventor) with Rose Plotek. Last year, Kajsa was part of a workshop for Kitsault, a new Canadian musical by Doug Price and Carl Pucl and most recently the inaugural musical workshop of PARKHURST by Doug Price.

    Kajsa is a trained pianist and dabbles in the flute. Kajsa has over 13 years of various singing experience and three years of voice lessons focusing on musical theatre. She has also trained in unarmed combat, rapier and dagger, and case of rapiers. Her dialect training includes RP, Upper RP, Cockney, Sheffield, and Peruvian (Lima) Spanish.

    Height: 5’6 | Vocal Range: Alto | Hair Colour: Auburn/Red | Eye Colour: Green
    kengelwood@gmail.com | 514-778-7911 | Language(s): English, Swedish