Evelyn Wiebe

    Acting (2019)

    Evelyn Wiebe is an actor, dancer, classical singer, and collaborator. At six months old she hopped out of her 6-foot crib and walked—she hasn’t stopped moving since.

    The best advice she was ever given was this: find the pleasure in everything. During her training at NTS, Evelyn has worked with directors and coaches such as Jackie Maxwell, Ian Watson, Philip Akin, and David Latham. In David Latham’s production of Macbeth in 2018, Evelyn played the role of Lady Macbeth.

    Evelyn is trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, and beginner tap, and has been taking classical voice lessons for five years. She is also trained in rapier and dagger as well as unarmed combat, and is able to speak in Cockney, RP, and London dialects.

    evelynwiebe5@gmail.com | 519-729-2665